Durable Industrial Racks in the New England Area

United Industrial Service Incorporated is a family-owned business with a specialized knowledge of industrial equipment and comprehensive approach to service and maintenance. We offer a wide range of options for forklifts, batteries, parts, and industrial racks. Outfitting a business with new industrial racks is an investment in efficiency, worker safety, and storage capabilities.

The United Industrial Approach

Our personable staff will determine the best industrial rack fit based on a number of factors, including floor space, ceiling height, accessibility needs, weight requirements, and other unique questions depending on each client’s circumstances. Additionally, our engineers take all factors into consideration to make sure that the industrial rack will be able to withstand the everyday requirements of loading, capacity, seismic risks, and long-term integrity.

Our Racking Systems

Every racking system will have specific advantages associated with it, and we look forward to showing each client how the product can work for them. For example, a floor stacking unit can fit a large quantity of product but doesn’t allow easy access to all of the pallets. On the other hand, the flow rack system can store over twenty pallets deep but requires a higher initial investment. These are just some of the systems that can be considered.

Program Highlights and Advantages

Experience is helpful in any industry, but it is critical for industrial rack design. Our team has the experience to know how to maximize space without creating a dangerous or cluttered work environment. We also draw up computer-aided designs to show each client exactly what they will receive before they commit to an order. This experience also extends to proper installation techniques, repairs, and tips to get the most out of the new industrial rack.

Why Choose Us?

We perform pallet rack safety inspections because customer service comes first. These inspections let our experts methodically check for damage, rust, level weight distribution, overloading, and more. We can also provide additional equipment your business may need, including warehouse racks, steel shelving, lockers, conveyors, steel cabinets, bins & totes, and specialized materials like safety netting and industrial rack guards.

Reach out to United Industrial to find out how we can make your business more efficient and safe.