Scissor Lift Rentals in the New England Area

Scissor Lift - Agawam, MA - United Industrial Services Incorporated

United Industrial Service Incorporated is New England’s number one choice for scissor lift rental. You can rely on us for all of your short-term and long-term rental needs. Our family-owned business is located in Agawam, but we supply industrial equipment to the Springfield and Worcester, MA and Hartford, CT areas as well.

Our Inventory

Our scissor lifts offer great versatility for jobs requiring two sets of hands. They have platform heights up to 40 feet and offer greater weight-lifting capacities than other aerial equipment. In addition, we also carry aerial lift equipment for hard-to-reach places during maintenance work or warehouse inventories, and booms, which offer more precise maneuverability than other types of high-reach equipment.

Essentials for Choosing The Proper Equipment

Choosing the proper equipment requires understanding your own needs first. You want to be sure that the machine you rent will fit your intended function. Consider the answers to these questions before reserving your equipment, and then get in contact with us to discuss your best option.

  • What is the working height needed?
  • How many people need to be on the platform at once?
  • Is this for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Will you be around any hazardous areas?
  • What site characteristics influence the lift use? (Freezer, potholes, obstructions, water, electricity on site, etc.)
  • Are there any ramps?
  • Are you reaching out or over?
  • What is the fuel type needed?

Contact Us

United Industrial Service Incorporated is the scissor lift rental businesses in Massachusetts should turn to first. Our well-qualified technicians are available to service all makes and models of equipment and to assist your rental needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Fill out the contact form on our website so we can get you set up with the right piece of equipment for your needs.