Agawam, MA, Forklift Maintenance

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If your business uses forklifts to move materials or to load pallets onto trucks, you know how important it is to keep these vehicles running in top condition. Forklift maintenance requires experience and hard work. Unless you’re trained and skilled in the process, it’s best to leave repairs and upkeep to a professional. United Industrial Service can service your forklift and help extend the life of your heavy equipment.

Service and Support

There’s more to customer satisfaction than getting the job done quickly. Our technician response times, first-call fix rates and parts availability all have a direct impact on the productivity of your fleet and the overall satisfaction of our customers. We use the latest technologies combined with our skilled and certified technicians to deliver outstanding service, guaranteed excellence and accuracy when handling your service needs. As a result, we can help you maintain your productivity goals and maximize uptime.

Routine Forklift Maintenance

A routine preventative maintenance program keeps your employees on the job operating their lift while spending less time under the hood trying to figure out what’s wrong. We go over all aspects of the machine and can identify any repairs that need to be made before they occur. OSHA requires all forklift operators to utilize a daily checklist before operating the machine. This checklist is often used to facilitate repairs. With a preventative maintenance program, we reduce the likelihood of issues arising during the routine checklist. We guarantee that all our service and repairs are up to EPA and OSHA standards to keep your business compliant with all federal safety laws regarding forklift maintenance.

Contact Us

Whether you have a single forklift or a fleet of heavy machines, you can find a variety of forklift maintenance plans to suit your needs with United Industrial Service. For more information on our routine and preventative plans, contact us at (413) 789-0896. We can provide a quote for parts and sales or offer information on our forklift safety programs. We also lease and rent new and used equipment and sell warehouse accessories.