Lease A New Forklift Lease From United Industrial Service

New Forklifts in Agawam MA – United Industrial Service, Inc. Businesses need to be able to depend on their equipment to get the job done, and the right equipment can make your business a success. Leasing a forklift from United Industrial Service in Agawam, MA, means you can rely on your forklift or heavy-lifting equipment to handle the job while being dependable and safe to operate. Carrying the latest models in all types of lifts, United Industrial Service is your partner in making sure your equipment is ready to make your job easier.

New Models

United Industrial Service has a wide range of forklift leasing options that can supply almost any business size. Models such as the new Linde HT25T torque converter forklift with improved visibility, a large residual capacity and an ergonomic design can certainly improve your freight-handling capabilities. Prefer an electric fork truck? The BYD I8 has a 15-hour battery, allowing you to handle multiple shifts on a single charge. In addition, our line of Hyundai fork trucks such as the Hyundai 18LC-7M and the Hyundai 25L-7M with 3,500-pound and 5,000-pound capacities, respectively, are dependable and reliable for any required lift application.


Downtime costs money, and United Industrial Service has the parts and the knowledgeable and professional service staff to help you get back to work as quickly as possible. Also, United Industrial Service offers classroom and hands-on forklift and safety training so you can ensure your operators are fully trained with the latest models and technology.

United Industrial Service LLC is committed to offering quality and dependable sales, service and leasing to help your business succeed. Our professional staff stands ready to help you with any aspect of your fork truck applications, so call or contact us online at United Industrial Service LLC in Agawam, MA, and let us find the right forklift sale or lease for your business today.