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With many warehouse material moving machines being powered by batteries, it’s important to choose the right one for your equipment to help get the most for your money. At United Industrial Service, we offer many top brands of batteries in several different options.

Top Brands Of Industrial Batteries

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At United Industrial Service, we sell some of the most reliable and best-selling brands in industrial batteries. Because these batteries power your company machines, it’s best to choose brands that have proven to be reliable across several industries. The brands sold at our facility include Bulldog, Douglas and Interstate.

Considering Energy Density

Energy density refers to the amount of energy carried within a specific size or weight. To keep your machines running efficiently, it’s important to choose a high-density battery that works harder for longer. High-density designs make it possible to choose electric batteries over gas-powered equipment.


Because these batteries are used on a variety of job sites and often stored in extreme conditions, you should choose a durable housing that’s resistant to impact, temperature, humidity, magnetic fields and even vibrations. Durable plastic housings help make your batteries last, whether you’re inside the warehouse or outside at the job site.

Stock Batteries

At United Industrial Service, we stock a variety of forklifts, scrubbers, pallet jacks and additional warehouse equipment to help meet the demands of your business. We replace and install industrial batteries on your machines and provide a maintenance and watering program that’s designed to save your company money by increasing the life of the battery. By purchasing a maintenance plan, you won’t have to worry about batteries dying the middle of a shift. Our unique system detects issues before they become problems.

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Regardless of the type of equipment you need to power, the industrial batteries at United Industrial Service can provide you with the products and services you need. Contact our company in Agawam, MA, at 508-476-7286 for more information on the right type of industrial batteries to keep your company productive.