Industrial Batteries Maintenance Specialists in the New England Area

Forklift Batteries - Agawam, MA - United Industrial ServicesIs it time for you to find a new industrial battery for your forklift? If so, then look no further than United Industrial Service Incorporated in Agawam, MA. We offer a complete system that logs all aspects of your battery to ensure a more efficient use and help to increase the life of all your batteries. Take a look at some of the products we have to offer.

Battery Products Carried

When you order a battery or batteries from us, our order form is very specific. We’ll need the dimensions of the battery and the type of vehicle it will go into, and what type of charger you will be using.

To help extend your battery’s life, you need to water it regularly. We have watering jugs, watering guns, battery caps, and cell watering kits. We also have battery water monitor systems and a complete battery PPE kit in a box.

Batteries Offered

While we work on any battery, we sell the Bulldog, Douglas, and Interstate battery lines. These are the finest in batteries. Our batteries are made and serviced in the USA.

Our Program

We offer a maintenance and watering program designed to save you and your company money. We clean and inspect all major components of the battery (cables, connectors, intercell connections and caps, electrolyte levels, volts, and specific gravity) and your charger. Our battery planned maintenance report is explicit, well-defined, and clear-cut. This helps us and you maintain specific and precise reports.

With our advanced data logging system, you will never have to worry about dead or dying batteries. Our system can detect any problems before they become a serious issue allowing us to prevent any major loss. Careful monitoring of fluid levels, voltage, and connections can provide early indicators of a battery that needs maintenance.

United Industrial Service Incorporated stocks industrial batteries along with a wide range of equipment and supplies. Contact us today with any questions you may have.