Building Your Forklift Safety Programs: Building the Plan

United Industrial Service offers classroom, per-shift inspection overview and hands on safety training. Operators need to be certified in forklifts and booms. Call United Industrial Service today to set up an appointment.

Some of safety training we include is/are OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178 for forklifts), Hoist Licensing, Aerial Lift Training, and much, much more.

Training Program

Forklift Safety

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Having a forklift safety program in place can help your workers stay healthy, as this reduces the likelihood of a sudden forklift failure. Employees who are properly trained will know how to respond to forklift-related problems when they eventually occur. Further, trained workers may spot damage to the forklifts before the worst happens. Handling this training in house may not be the best solution to workers’ safety and equipment operation.

Worker Safety Ahead of Time

Forklift training in the form of safety and avoidance is the best way to keep workplace accidents involving forklifts to an absolute minimum. By avoiding potentially dangerous situations, which generally involves little more than taking common sense to the next level, workers are less likely to be injured in the first place because they will stay clear of areas where forklifts are operating. This saves you from having to pay disability and keeps morale higher.

When a Problem Happens

Unfortunately, all the attempts at prevention in the world do not always result in avoiding accidents. Forklift safety programs can also train workers in how to respond, who to contact, and how to divert work away when an accident occurs. If there are injuries, the training program may even be able to show workers how much they are permitted to do in the situation to reduce immediate danger of increased injury while not making the harm worse.

Equipment Proactivity

Part of workplace safety involves keeping an eye on the equipment. If a part of your forklift is obviously damaged, determining this through a spot inspection helps workers protect themselves and get the equipment serviced that much sooner. If the equipment remains intact, the workers near that equipment are less likely to be injured in the first place. When an issue is found due to a basic visual or sound-based inspection, often the damage is still minimal and can be repaired quickly and at a lesser cost than if the problem has gone on for a significant amount of time.

Outsourcing Training

In many cases, building your own training materials is a misuse of time and funds. Since forklift models, builds and technology are prone to change, you have to keep up. Laws related to forklift operation can also change seemingly at random intervals. Trying to keep up with every aspect will distract you from your core business, and ignoring these components could be dangerous or even illegal. Outsourcing your forklift safety programs to a company like United Industrial Service lets you focus on your real business.