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Forklift - Agawam, MA - United Industrial Services IncorporatedA forklift is a vital vehicle that is needed in an industrial sector for the transportation of items and equipment that are impractical to move by hand. Whether you need spare parts, rental machinery, or a brand new machine for your construction projects, United Industrial Service Incorporated is the leading provider of forklift sales in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Aside from providing the forklifts and parts, we also provide an extensive service department that will ensure that your forklift is properly maintained and always up to safety and operating standards. Our complete maintenance services include:

  • Forklift maintenance from the very best technicians
  • Replacement parts as needed
  • We ensure that repairs are up to EPA and OSHA standards

Maintenance from a professional ensures that employees spend their time operating the forklift and not checking under the hood trying to figure what is wrong with it. This ensures increased work productivity, which ultimately reduces overhead expenses. In addition, we also provide a comprehensive report with each inspection, so you know exactly what repairs, if any, need to be made. We understand that every business has a quota to fill, and not reaching that goal is often due to equipment or technical difficulty, which is almost always preventable. Regular forklift servicing will ensure that equipment malfunction never becomes an issue.

United Industrial Service Incorporated is located in Agawam, MA, though we also serve the Springfield, Worcester, MA, and Hartford, CT metro areas. This machinery provides companies with a much-needed resource to handle the transportation of various goods. We are proud to offer services for all things from forklift sales to maintenance. Our company is family owned and has been in operation for 37 years and counting. Contact us today if you’re in need of our service department.

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