Mezzanines in the New England Area

Mezzanine and Racks - Agawam, MA - United Industrial ServicesMaximizing the storage area in a warehouse is essential to organizing any system and staying on top of production. Mezzanines allow you to increase your floor space by expanding into the unused overhead area. They save you money and time, providing more storage options for your existing space without requiring a pricey building expansion or a larger warehouse.

Advantages of Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanine systems can double or even triple the square footage of your facility. The savings on a simple installation can save your company up to 80% of the cost of a building expansion. We design our mezzanines to custom fit your space, making them able to accommodate HVACs, sprinkler systems, and lighting, as well as existing equipment, columns, and other structures.

The surface area frees up valuable floor space that can be used for items that need to be easily accessed, improving inventory management. Mezzanines also add additional office space and offer solutions for shelving systems and record storage. They are incredibly adaptable and can be disassembled and moved to another location or modified for future growth. We work with clients across several industries, from distribution and food centers to manufacturing plants and military installations.

Types of Mezzanine Products

Our mezzanines are versatile and come in a variety of surface finishes and sizes. Request a two layer mezzanine or inquire about our powder coating options. Powder coating is more durable than standard paint and can withstand corrosive materials, reducing the amount of time and money spent on maintenance. Because it lacks a liquid carrier or solvent, it is better for the environment and emits nearly zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Powder coating also comes in just as many colors as standard paint.

Mezzanine Accessories

We offer several decking options to fit your warehouse or facility. We can design your mezzanine with steel bar grating, diamond-textured steel plating, resin board, or materials like OSB or particle board on roof deck, plank grating, or other surface textures.

Our skilled team can equip your mezzanine with any accessories you prefer. We can add stairs, ladders, and landing platforms that meet all code requirements and safety standards. Factory-manufactured handrails are ideal for secure ascending and descending, and kick plates give the mezzanine a clean and attractive presentation from all angles. We can also add gates, making it quick and easy to access any part of the structure. Gates are equipped with spring-loaded dual safety locks and can be designed to swing in or out according to your preference.

Our mezzanines are built to meet local codes and OSHA requirements. If you have a facility with a ceiling height higher than 15 feet, we can install an industrial mezzanine system in your space.

Quality and structural integrity are at the core of everything we do. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our contractors.